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Lomonosov Tea Set *ANTIQUE ROSES*2pcs


Lomonosov Tea Set *ANTIQUE ROSES*2pcs


Personal price: $36.00
Catalog price : $36.00
Shipping fee: $9.95
Availability: In stock  

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Item id : 1253

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Authentic Russian Lomonosov Porcelain TEA Cup with Saucer *ANTIQUE ROSES*. Form Tulip. 100% HAND-PAINTED.
The Tea Cup is 4.2 inch in diameter without handle, 2.5 inches high.
The Saucer is 6 inches in diameter.
Each item has the mark Made in Russia , and the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (LFZ) logo at the back. Sort 1. Prime quality.
The Lomonosov Porcelain factory was founded in 1744. The items produced by this factory won Gold Medals in 1923 in Revel, in 1925 at Paris World Exhibition, in 1948 in Leipzig, in 1958 in Brussels.

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