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Lomonosov porcelain marks and signs

Emperor porcelain manufacture marks.
Starting 1744 Emperor porcelain manufacture had BLUE
underglaze mark of Vinogradov D.I. Looked like W - with dot under W and date placed over W.
It is first known mark.
During 1744-1917 factory had different signs, varied of Emperor currently at Power.
Latest 1917 mark was stylized two-headed GREEN underglaze Eagle inside circle.
It was last mark known used before revolution.
Starting 1917 factory used old raw porcelain with old, Czar marks.
Thus they placed GREEN romb on the place of Nicolas II times logo,
Hammer & sickle was placed near Romb instead of Eagle, date placed (say, 1918), logo was underglaze.
Later, at 1920-s different marks was in use, usually they included Hammer & Sickle.
At 1920-s-1930-s green overglaze or cobalt blue underglaze "Hammer and Sickle" mark was used.
Red overglaze EXPORT mark "Made in Russia". Or "Made in Russia. U.S.S.R." was placed on some items strating 1920-s.
At 1936-1992 stylized LFZ (in russian) marks (author A.A. Yazkevitch)
was in use.
The mark color usually was determined by items grade.
Red- 1st quality
Blue - 2d quality
Green - 3d quality
But variations was possible.
1970-1980-s USSR times items made by Lomonosov factory was also marked with BLUE overglaze logo
If you have item with that logo it rather of all means item was made 1950-s to 1990-s.
`LFZ` in Russian (Yatzkevitch style).
Some of them was made for EXPORT. At that times export was heavily regulated thus items for export was additionally marked with red "Made in USSR" overglaze.
Items made for domestic usage usually was not marked with "Made in USSR".

After 1992 instead of "Made in USSR" sentence "Made in Russia" was placed.
Logo remained same - unchanged untill 2001.
Starting 2002 new logo was developed.
It is blue, says "Lomonosov porcelain manufacture. Hand decorated since 1744." "Made in Russia". It is underglaze, made with fluoroscent paints and placed for now at all items from Lomonosov.
Color of logo is always BLUE.

Quality marks are usually in red - 1C (highest domestic quality) or 2C (2d grade domestic). Exported items are only best quality and has not any marks at all.
You may also see some colored OVER glaze marks on the bottom.
They does not mean any quality problems and placed for technological reasons.


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