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Russian shawl history - the beginning

Russian shawl history is oriental and european mix - just like Russia itself.
It is known Shawl is the word of Persian origin.
Centuries ago trade with Persia resulted in popularity of Persian Shawls among Russian women and production of Shawls started, first with oriental and later - with Russian ornaments used.
But tradition to wear special embroidered clothes existed far before first Persian Shawl appeared in Russian land.
Predecessor of Shawl was Ubrus - common wear for many Indo-European nations.
Ubrus is the veil - was a cloth kerchief made of linen or fine silk. It was often embroidered in a colored pattern at the ends.
It was wrapped around the head and went under the chin where it was pinned together. One of the ends hung down to the shoulder.
It was approximately 2 meters long and 40-50 cm wide. The veil was either pulled down low on the brow or tied up higher so that the front part of the povoinik could be seen for a little more ornamentation" (Stamerov, 1978; in Kies, 2000).
Tradition to wear Ubrus is still common in many Salvonic nations, it is still used at India and has a long history, which is not well known, but probably come to the days of eldest Middle East civilizations.
One of the well - known legends about ubrus is related to Jesus Christ and first ever created Icons.
One legend about the Image of Christ Not Made by Hands claims that Jesus Christ washed His face with water and wiped it with an ubrus (kerchief) which was handed to Him.
The imprint of His face was left on the kerchief. According to another legend, on the way to Calvary Jesus wiped His bleeding face with a piece of linen cloth and His image was imprinted on it.
The Image of Christ Not Made by Hands is often to be seen on embroidered cloths and old Russian banners.
Anyway - at 18th and 19th century mass produced Shawls with Russian ornaments appear.
The production was mainly concentrated around Moscow, but most successfull one was Pavlov Posad manufacture - and it produces Shawls nowadays too - same ornaments as centuries ago.

Russian shawls

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