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Russian Czars - Romanovs - Alexei Mikhailovich

Alexei Mikhailovich - 1629 - 1676.
A historian marked Czar Alexei Mikhailovich was a kind person, a "nice Russian soul".
He was known as "Tishaishii" (most quite one) for his devout nature though he was not devoid of occasional bouts of wild anger but he always sincerely repented them.
One of the most educated persons of his time Alexis was consecrated Czar in 1645.
He was the first Czar to sign decrees in person who took an active part in wrighting and editing many important documents. More important codes were passed at the time of his reign, e.g. "Sobornoye Ulozheniye" - the first complete code of the Russian laws.
The regular army emerged, Ukraine was annexed, the court etiquette became more liberal as a result of his internal policy. Any person could petition the Czar. A special chest was placed in front of his palace in Kolomenskoye (a village not far from Moscow) for anybody who wanted to make a formal request about something.
It gave rise to the expression "to put something in a chest" used to mean "to put something off for a very long period of time". Keeping all old traditions Czar Alexei used to spent 5-6 hours a day praying in the church but at the same time he did not neglect new ideas: travelled in German carriage, dressed his children in foreign clothes. In spite of the fact that he was called "the most quiet", 30 years of his reign were far from being serene: they witnessed the most brutal and most brutally suppressed revolt of the Don Cossack Stephan Razin. His reforms resulted in a dangerous schism in the Russian Church which led to drastic conseguences and bloodshed.

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