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Russian Czars - Romanovs - Mikhail Feodorovich

The first Czar of Romanovs dynasty. 1596 - 1645
He ascended the throne on February, 21, 1613 following democratic procedure.
He was elected by Zemskiy Sobor (Assembly of all Lands) represented by people of diffferent walks of life of the then Russia.
The candidate of a 16 - year old Mikhail Romanov matched the interests of all fighting groups.
The country was exhausted by the long lasting disturbances, and He was the greatnephew of Ivan IV and thus - symbolized continuity of the power.
The boyars (gentry) were scared of the new unbridled Czar but Mikhail was meek and mild. The country was plundered by lingering wars with two neighbours Poland and Sweden but Mikhail was a pecaceable person.
His contemporary noted that he was a young man unexperienced in warfare who did not seem to emit danger.
Mikhail Feodorovich did not fail expectations of the assembly. The Czar always turned for advice to the assembly of the land and to his father the patriarch Philaret.
He ended internal conflicts and obtained much desired peace with Poland through it deprived Russia of some of its lands - Smolensk and Tchernigov. According to the treaty signed with Sweden Russia lost its exit to the Baltic Baltic Sea but got the possibility to concentrate on domestic problems. The time of His reign is associated with establishment of united Russian state, conquering Siberia and the heroic deed of Ivan Susanin. The outstanding Russian composer M. Glinka devoted His opera Life for the Czar to an ordinary peasant who lured Polish soldiers making for Moscow to kill Czar Mikhail Feodorovich into impassable forest.

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