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Russian Embroidery - symbols

Symbols on Russian embroidery
The language of symbols of embroidery attracts interest of artists and historians.
But that is especially true for Russian national embroidery cause due to historical reasons it saved pre-historic symbols in its language.

Most popular sign traditionally used at Russian embroidery is male and female signs, almost copy of some signs founded in ancient Indian embroidery.
Other popular signs are hexagonal figures and meanders.
Embroidery had religious meaning. For example, wedding clothes and wedding towels for well ? known Russian `bread and salt` ritual ? one, believed to be related with pre-Christian gods of ancient Slavs.
Towels used to decorate `red corner` at traditional Russian house, and later, icons was placed to this part of house, decorated with towels either. Towels where used for funeral ceremony, but as well ? special towels was used to decorate wedding cart and horses.
The difference between those towels was embroidery symbols.
Historians believe symbols used at Russian embroidery come to times when predecessors of Slavic tribes migrated through `Great steppes` from Tibet to Alpines. The symbols are common to many Indo ? European cultures.
For example, meander was one of most commonly used symbol among tribes of ancient Eurasia, it is founded even at palaeolith camps.
This symbol is believed to be periapt for success and wealth and used very often not only at embroidered items but at pottery and ceramics as well.
Circle and rosace was used as solar symbols.
Horses and other animal ? related symbols used often too ? Horse was `saint animal` among ancient Slavs.
Another popular symbols used was symbols of ancient goddess of women, Mokosha.
Goddess was associated with water, land under the plough, and sequence of generations.

Associated symbols are waves and triangles.

Traditional russian embroidered items


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